Goldschmiede - Workshops im Atelier d'Alliances
Goldschmiede -                                Workshops   im    Atelier d'Alliances


Hello to you - Welcome !


in my family, goldsmith- working has a long tradition, which began, by the way, with a little jewellery store in Wuppertal in 1840I also learned this handicraft myself - passed through the apprenticeship and took my master-diploma after several years of practise. Now it's already more than 30 years that I'm busy with goldsmith- artisanry.


Since 13 years, we live in the beautiful north of Germany, in an old farmhouse where I teach goldsmithing - individual goldsmith-workshops.


This means: you can practise goldsmithing here alone, just you, only if you want, you may take your daughter, son or partner with their own ideas...), this will be really individual- for your benefit ! 


I explain and show things as soon as you ask- you don't have to wait.  Thusly, you  will be able to realize a nice little jewel within one day.  


The price: 180,- Euros per day.

This ist not cheap, but you will see-  you'll get a lot for it:


Your creative goldsmith-day includes :


- conversation by telephone, whatsapp or by mail about your idea for that day


- planning of the design of your object in general and finding out what is possible on your workshop- day:


- safety- instructions


- all the necessary explications for instance how to use the tools


- Welcome-tea, lunch, coffee, self-made juice and after succesful finishing a freshly baken



You may practise elementary techniques like sawing, rasping, brazing, drilling, milling and polishing. I can help you at any time-you can be sure of this ! This day will give you a lot of fun  and it's different !


Questions ? Appreciated ! Please use the site: "Kontakt" - there you can write me -

or telephone:  03867 6138946   whatsapp: 0162 306 7771 -

I can also call you back !


Thank you very much for your interest- hoping to see you soon !  


yours  Carola Abeler

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